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Data Analysis using Eviews and Stata | AQskill

Data Analysis using Eviews and Stata

This course teaches how to carry out data analysis using Stata and Eviews for econometric, statistical, and forecasting purposes.
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What you'll learn

  • Data entry and updating of databases to ensure data accuracy
  • How to determine stationarity a time series model has
  • How to determine if one time series will be useful to forecast another variable by investigating causality between two variables in a time series
  • How to capture the relationship between multiple quantities as they change over time(Vector autoregression theory)
  • How to interpret a long-run and short-run equation(Vector error correction model)
  • How to determine whether you can perform a regression on two or more variables(cointegration)
  • How to describe how the economy will react over time to call stocks(exogenous impulse)
  • How to interpret vector autoregression models
  • How to forecast long-run relationships from short-run dynamics(Autoregressive distributed lag model)
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72 students

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