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Published 1 year ago

There is no status whose situation inspires terror rightly or wrongly as much as the unskilled young lad.

Jetlag is described as extreme tiredness and other physical effects felt by a person after a long flight across different time zones.

Understanding this term will aid us to fathom this description.

That point in life when you feel like the right energy is lagging, though you work hard yet your desires are far from being fulfilled.

Be aware now, the problem is not about how hard you work it’s about the timing(Right/wrong).

Be happy about how far you’ve progressed in life as when you fly across destiny zones it’s only natural for you to experience that mental jetlag.

The further you fly the more you encounter jetlag reason is that the body has a clock knowing when to rest when to eat, time to recede, and time to be active so it’s designed with a specific rhythm that flows with a cycle.

The door of doubt opens at some point giving way to feelings of not being there yet, with that being the case ask yourself this “are you in your timing?

If known, further answer this are you living the life you had intended? 

Whatever your answer is, I doubt if it’ll be yes we are humans we always want more.

Take this point, once you understand TIME and TIMING then you’ll fathom the effect of LOCATION and DESTINATION.

You may feel you are there now but the timing isn’t matching so what do you do next?

Read on, Since you are reading this it means your location is right, kindly open your mind and let AQskill be your destination ( A platform where a variety of skills await you, where your mind can lead)

Mental jetlag, Brain fog whatever the vocab used for description.

It represents the same point yes, exactly what they sound like you have been foggy with life or lagging when you are supposed to be leading.

The feeling of having no sense of direction, making poor decisions, and Life happening to you instead of taking charge.

It’s simply an indication of the mind being imprisoned (mental prison) you’ve realized it, now is the time to break the chain and not to settle there, not see comfort in that space it’s time to move, Time to be ready for the right TIMING.

I welcome you to an option, a prospect where you get the answer, where you can clear the fog to take the lead and prepare for your right timing by undertaking Digital skills with ease within the comfort of your home.

The only way to climb on is to better yourself.

Pick one and start moving…

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