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Data Analysis with Microsoft Excel - Complete Course | AQskill

Data Analysis with Microsoft Excel – Complete Course

#1 Top-Rated and Highest Number of Students. This course will teach you all you need to perform data analysis with Microsoft Excel at ...
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9150 students enrolled

What you'll learn

  • Most common Excel functions used in the office
  • How to design a simple automated calculator for a shopping mall.
  • How to apply the skills in data analysis, grade responses or polls, and prepare results.
  • How to perform basic financial analysis as an accountant/finance secretary
  • How to design utility models such as Automated Quiz Scoring Board, Digital clock, and others
  • How to design a loan management system.
  • How to design a dynamic data base system
  • How to simplify voluminous entries using automated forms
  • What it takes to secure a lucrative job as a Data analyst
  • What it takes to become a Microsoft Excel Instructor.
  • Gain a perfect foundation in the world of data science.
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Course Features

50 Lessons(14 hours)

9150 students

Lifetime access to course

Certificate of completion

Skill Level: All Levels

Rated: 4.8