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Microsoft Excel for Financial Analysis, Modelling & Accounting | AQskill

Microsoft Excel for Financial Analysis, Modelling & Accounting

Dive into accounting and financial analysis with a focus on Excel modeling, covering fundamentals, statement analysis, forecasting, and valuation techniques
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What you'll learn

  • Understand the role and significance of financial analysis in business decision-making.
  • Gain proficiency in Excel functions and formulas relevant to financial data analysis.
  • Comprehend and apply the concept of Time Value of Money using Excel functions.
  • Perform Present Value and Future Value calculations to evaluate financial decisions.
  • Analyze and interpret key financial statements: Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Cash Flow Statement.
  • Develop skills in creating accurate sales, revenue, and expense forecasts.
  • Learn to construct and analyze financial budgets and projections.
  • Understand the principles of Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) and Comparable Company Analysis (CCA) in valuation.
  • Build and use Excel models for business valuation.
  • Master the fundamentals of capital budgeting and investment appraisal techniques.
  • Analyze investments using key metrics like NPV and IRR, incorporating risk assessment methods.
  • Learn to use Excel for detailed P&L analysis and ratio calculations.
  • Understand different loan types and construct amortization schedules in Excel.
  • Utilize Excel functions to calculate various aspects of loan repayments and understand their financial implications.
  • Apply theoretical knowledge to real-world financial data through case study analysis.
  • Build and interpret comprehensive financial models, enhancing practical Excel skills.
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