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Complete UI/UX Mega Course | AQskill

Complete UI/UX Mega Course

Master the art of UI/UX design in this comprehensive Figma course and learn to design your own wireframe and interactive prototypes.
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What you'll learn

  • With Figma, you can create fully interactive prototypes, work with UX personas, and design simple wireframes.
  • How to implement colors and images properly, choose appropriate fonts for web and mobile apps, and create your own icons, buttons, and other UI components.
  • In addition to mastering Figma, you will gain a solid understanding of important UX concepts such as components, constraints, multi-dimensional variants and have access to free UI kits and plugins that can help speed up your workflow.
  • Throughout the course, you will build a UX project from beginning to end, and learn what clients expect from a UX designer.
  • How to create a simple style guide for client handoff, and make both simple and advanced micro interactions, page transitions, and animations.
  • Whether you want to design websites or mobile phone apps, this course will teach you everything you need to know about working with fonts and colors, testing on mobile devices, and exporting production-ready assets.
  • How to use photopea to enhance your design.
  • How to create various UI/UX design effects including Glasmorphism, Neomorphism, Skeuomorphism and also a comprehensive guide on how to achieve these effects and make your designs stand out.
  • Best of all, you will be able to add (UX designer) to your CV with confidence, knowing that you have the skills and knowledge to succeed in this exciting field.
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Course Features

72 Lessons(20 Hours)

191 students

Lifetime access to course

Certificate of completion

Skill Level: All Levels

Rated: 4.3