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Your path as a TECHIE | AQskill

Your path as a TECHIE

Published 3 weeks ago

This would be different from the previous as we will uncover the benefits of acquiring the right knowledge, skills, its benefit, merit, and likes but this will focus more on realizing the mistakes many tech enthusiasts do have, we will observe why it’s so easy to fall in and how to to go straighten our focus as a techie.

It’s so easy to be a victim of these pitfalls due to many of our actions are driven by raw desire, to succeed you have to be ambitious, learn not to fall victim, as it makes your desired path tiring.

Before you start your intention which may be pure and you want to be successful in the chosen path, the career you’ve chosen learning, gaining knowledge is the only way to be a resourceful professional.Distractions could retard your mission.

Is that all? Keep reading to uncover more.

Beginning your journey as a techie without a goal in mind, often people think acquiring all is what they need to be special, such idea is wrong it’s like getting involved with all the shrubs in the forest.

When you get to the flower you seek your arm will be too weak to pluck it without destroying its petals.

The simple saying is that whatever is worth doing at all, is worth doing well. Before you begin or divert as the case warrants ask your self does this aligns with my goal, do I really need this? There’s no harm in having interest it’s always a plus but never get distracted.

To escape from falling into the trap, you need to take your time to make clarity of your goals and search for the direct path that’ll bring you closer to your goals. Knowing your goal well enough sharpens your focus.

Furthermore taking in more than you’re capable of, this makes sense more if we relate it to “making a bunch of promises and how easy it Is to keep to your words ironically”

You’ll agree with me, that’s one of the biggest factors why our leaders today assailed us. “A lay man language will say biting more than one can chew”.

For those starting it’ll be easy for you to connect to the idea that upon starting you get very excited, you want to do all, the price is cheap, the course description seems interesting I’ll go for it.

The feeling is normal it shows how enthusiastic you ate about acquiring knowledge and all that Lies with It, if you’re not careful it is likely to end up like someone who goes to a mall and feeds on various junks his hands could reach. To be frank it doesn’t end well.

To wrap it up, a failed guardian can’t be in the best position to give a successful verdict.

When you rush too much it’s likely to fall into the pit dwelled by the wrong personnel You have to find, know, relate with the right training resources, arena, and all you can get. Yes, the right one that’s very necessary for achieving your goal.

A sample of how we do fall for this is simple. It is so easy to pick up your phone to google on a cert or skill and just goes with the first thing that pops up.

There are tons of companies out there flashing their goodies on social media to bait promising minds. Be patient and try to look for brands with a solid reputation before you trust.

I congratulate you as one of AQskill you’ve made the right decision but endeavor to guide others to this same path you’re already enjoying.

If you’re new and you’re reading this I congratulate you once again, stay tuned for more!
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