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Basic Electronics for Beginners | AQskill

Basic Electronics for Beginners

This course teaches about the Basics of Electronics and digital components through different mini-projects. The goal is to show life practical examples ...
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What you'll learn

  • Understand the working principle of basic electronics components.
  • Figure out the logic behind circuit designs.
  • Know the variety of functions of each component at their respective positions.
  • Get you prepared for advanced knowledge in Tech areas.
  • Strengthen you in building simple relatable projects similar to that from the Course.
  • Ignite your confidence when it comes to Electronics.
  • Have a better chance of working under any tech firm.
  • Be enriched with all it takes to start your path as a TECHIE.
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Course Features

14 Lessons(2 hrs 10 mins)

114 students

Lifetime access to course

Certificate of completion

Skill Level: All Levels

Rated: 4.8