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More for YOU

Published 3 years ago

    The only way the community around us could be a better place is when we invest in it, when everyone around us is skillful enough the burden of depending on someone else would reduce.

¬†¬†¬† Daily we keep Working, checking on how¬† we could keep developing the platform, for the¬† great observers in the family they’d observe that there’s a continual change on the website. Daily even if it’s as diminutive as the figures of applicants it’s certainly a progress. Obviously that’s what we pray for, a situation where the number of skilled persons is so large that way our community will be much more prospective. New courses have been launched, some courses are yet to be launched while some are 80% to be completed. New ideas are still in coupling mode, all this step are been taken in order to keep contributing successful and reproductive skills that tackles¬† various aspects of the challenges we face today, buying and creating more opportunities to the labour market because that where survival lies.

Kudos to those of you that has taken the bold step to work on themselves it pays off, but the journey doesn’t end there, other challenges arises and you have to keep flowing once you stagnant the value of your previous skill becomes depreciated.

AQskill scrutinizes on the lacks of the social communities and create a way to provide the solutions with the most simplified language and methodology by creating a productive platform where the lessons are concise and unambiguous. Kudos to the team, and the community in general.

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