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Your pathway to affiliate success | AQskill

Your pathway to affiliate success

Published 5 months ago

The Term “Affiliate marketing” might sound foreign to your ears. But you certainly must have heard of the word “Amazon”.

Well, the Amazon we are talking about, in layman’s terms, is simply the world’s largest e-market(it electronically connects buyers and sellers).

At the same time, an affiliate is someone who earns a commission by promoting the products or services of any advertiser or another retailer.

All these translate into that an affiliate can help advertise a seller’s product. Say Amazon or any other firm to earn commissions when sales are made with the help of his advertising link. All the Affiliate needs to do is to share the link to a product or service on their website, social media handles or any other available medium.

Statistics show that affiliate marketers earn on average $65,000 per annum. The question on your lips now is, “why is everyone not doing it?” Well, the answer to this is compound: not everyone knows about it and even among those who are aware of it, not many truly grasp what it entails. If you have read this article up to this point, consider yourself among the lucky few to whom the secrets of Affiliate marketing would be revealed.

An aspiring affiliate marketer would probably have questions they want to ask; How do I create a website? How do I get prospective customers to engage more on my social media handles? Where do I get the outfits that would pay me to advertise for them? How do I maximize my earnings? If all these questions could be answered in a single word, that word with being AQSKILL.

AQSKILL answers all the questions you have to ask, even those you are not asking. If you are wondering, AQSKILL is an online learning platform that teaches digital skills and entrepreneurship. There is a course painstakingly designed for both new and existing affiliate marketers. This course serves as a map to guide you as you embark on your Affiliate marketing voyage.

The seas are rough and new waters; let AQSKILL captain you, and no storm lies on your path that you will not defy!

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