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Master "Art" with (Adobe illustrator) | AQskill

Master “Art” with (Adobe illustrator)

Published 2 years ago

Sometimes we see a nice piece of art or wonderful poetry, and all we can do is wonder just how creative humans can get. In the past, we limited our definition of creativity to being something that is possessed only by artists, writers, sculptors, masons, engineers, scientists, architects and the like of them. But with the advent of technology and computers, creativity has grown beyond what we can easily define.

Now, there are a million things one could do with the computer that would get people marveling at its sheer originality. It might be building apps and software and modifying existing ones, building computerized tools and gadgets, or even something as simple as creating logos and designs.

Sometimes you would walk past a billboard and see the name and logo of what is being advertised, and you’d stop to stare and wow. There certainly are also times you watch an ad on TV, and the graphic designs are so beautiful they become imprinted in your heart like henna on a young girl’s palm. In those times, there was nothing you wanted more than learning how to create such magic with computers; how to have such a creative mind.

Now your problem is twofold; you want to learn how to create logos and design with computers and get really creative to get people riveted and ask “who designed this” when they see your work. There might even be a third problem that makes you lose hope; you do not know where to start! Well, the solution to your problem is not threefold but a single magic word(or a magic website). A SKILL!

AQSKILL has designed a course that is the surest way to learn and master “Adobe Illustrator,” which is the palette, brush, and everything you would need to become a professional logo designer. Also, with the vast experience AQSKILL has garnered, they know it is not just enough to know, so they help teach you ways your creativity would be unlocked. This means this course is also suitable for existing logo designers who hope to unclog their stream of creativity…

You might not be Picasso with his brush, nor Shakespeare with his words. But you can be you and your designs!

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