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Published 1 year ago

Hey there! There is one thing we would want us to agree on before we proceed.
“Technology has made the process of learning easier”. Yes?

We will again push further with hopes you’d agree
with us that with the right knowledge, financial freedom is almost assured. Right? Good.

Remember that there was a time when one had to spend years learning the ropes of a business venture.
And do not forget that there also was a time when starting up a business was hugely capital intensive.

Technology directly brought remedy to the former and indirectly to the latter.
We trust that you, being as smart as you are, would have gotten the drift of where we are going with this.

And I trust also, that you are curious enough to ride with us till the end.

We have heard people with fantastic business proposals saying that they lack the means to bring their ideas to fruition.

Still, others say their businesses are crashing for want of means to
improve it.

While there are a thousand and one ways to remedy these excuses, the simplest way is often the best as the philosophy of Occam’s razor dictates.

That way is web design with WordPress.

There is a question bubble: Why Web Design and why WordPress? Being the advocates of simplicity that we are, we will attempt to justify each term, separately.
Think of your personal website as your online store, where you can sell what products and services you so desire.

Its advantage is that it is less capital-intensive than setting up an on-site shop also, it targets a wider range of people.

Classical examples of business ventures that are based online are the almighty Amazon, AliExpress, Jumia, and Konga to mention but a few.

Indeed, you do not have to master WordPress or any web builder for that matter for you to have your own website.

But it is also true that most web developers out there charge outrageous
amounts for their services plus you can not be sure about the security of the websites they create for you.

There is a story of a fellow who employed the services of a web developer to build him a website for his data business. The developer in his craftiness added a backdoor to the website through which he transferred large amounts of data.

No one wants to pay stiff amounts to have a website created for them and absolutely no one wants an insecure website.

WordPress is a soothing remedy; it is easy to learn and it creates a truly amazing design.

It can be used to create websites to suit your needs. Why has someone do for you what you can do for yourself?

Your only worry now should be: How do I learn it? Smile, because even that too has been taken care of.

AQSKILL is introducing you to this amazing course where you learn to use WordPress to build your websites and in turn, grow your business.

With this amazing course, you learn and Grow!

It doesn’t get better than that.
Join AQSKILL today and Learn to create your own website with WordPress.

Who knows, your business might become more amazing than Amazon.

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