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Realize the truth behind common fallacies III | AQskill

Realize the truth behind common fallacies III

Published 1 year ago

Let’s get enlightened more!
Fallacy #4: I need to be outstanding in Maths to become a developer.

Truth: To become a developer, you don’t need to know how to approximate a definite integral using a parabolic variable or master the laplace in differentials. You don’t even need to know what this means.

All you need is basic algebra, logic, strong problem-solving skills, and most of all, patience.

This doesn’t mean developers never use advanced math and it doesn’t mean a developer cannot be a Guru in adv Maths. If the project at hand requires complex mathematical computation, then you will definitely need to brush up on your math skills. However, there are many plugins and libraries available to run calculations.

All you have to do is implement the plugin or library into your code, so being extremely proficient at math is not necessarily required to become a developer.

Been a developer could ignite your mind to make you learn more than you’ve ever done.

Fallacy #5:

I just need one  “the best” programming language to become a developer
Truth: A common question beginners ask is, “What is the best language to learn?” It’s a good question, but also a misguided one that could make your mind shallow just as it sounds once your mind is shallow your outcome would certainly be limited.

Please do keep this in your mind, never lost this idea that no computer language is “better” than another, just like the real world, the same way that French is not “better” than Spanish. Just as the benefit of a spoken language depends on what country you are visiting, the benefit of a computer language depends on what you need/want to do.

The better question is, “Which programming language should I learn first?” If you want to be a great developer, you’ll need to master multiple languages. The best approach is to start with the fundamentals. If you want to be a web developer, start with HTML and CSS, which are the foundational languages of the web.

If you’re more interested in general computer programming, focus on languages that have a lot of online documentation and tutorials to supplement your learning just like this one we’ve created, and don’t worry about the “best” language.

As your learning progresses, the strengths and weaknesses of each language will reveal themselves. Once you graduate or complete other required coursework and projects, it’s time to start feel balanced, you’re ready  to explore the career transition.

Fallacy #6: I’m done learning
By the end of your coding experience/training, you will have learned a lot of skills. However, that doesn’t mean your learning is complete. Just as you forgot half the borrowed courses you learned in high school because you stopped using it after graduation, you’re going to forget programming languages you learned if not practised ocassionally, possibly daily basis. To prevent this from happening, work on personal projects think of something try it out call for help it helps you nuture your mind and it makes you more confident of the skills in your possession,that stregthen you to use languages with time it become part of you.
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