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Top 5 tech skills in demand; UI/UX Design | AQskill

Top 5 tech skills in demand; UI/UX Design

Published 6 months ago

If you were to count the top tech skills in demand on the fingers of your hand starting from your thumb, you’ll probably mention web design before you get to your little finger. But, although web design is very popular,(so popular that you see it every second you are on your digital device), the term UI/UX design is less so.

The majority of people know neither its meaning nor what it does. They only know that the name sounds cool and is used frequently by these tech guys. Well, it is pertinent at this point to give a quick breakdown of the meaning of UI/ UX.

UI and UX are two very related terms which mean User interface and User Experience. In reality, UX is just a summation of UI. As it is a good user interface translates to a good user experience and vice versa.

These two terms are in fact the two main subdivisions of web design! UI and UX designers have a major duty of turning a software into something that is easy to use and appealing to the customers.

I would go into details about teaching you everything you need to know about UI and UX design and how to become a proficient UI/UX designer but that is not the aim of this article, The purpose of this article is to introduce you to those who can do so better than I or even anybody else can; AQSKILL.

AQSKILL is an online platform whose sole purpose of existence is to provide you with skills and information relating to technology. If you are the curious type that just wants to know about UI/UX design, you are welcome to AQSKILL. If you are a goal-driven individual who wants to make UI/UX design your profession, AQSKILL definitely welcomes you. There is so much to learn you probably won’t want to waste any more time. You are not reading this article by mistake. This is your chance to spin webs( not as a spider but as a web designer).

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